Thursday, March 8, 2012

Los Angeles: LACMA [German Expressionism and The Bauhaus]

Anger / 1920
by Hans-Siebert von Heister..

The Orator/ 1920
by Magnus Zeller

Two Women / 1911-1912/1922
By Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Kirchner made numerous paintings of city women and streetwalkers between 1911 and 1922, after moving from Dresden to Berlin. The confrontational approach he has taken towards the women in this picture is typical of works in this series. The audacious colors and bold forms you see here are characteristic of Die Brücke, or the Bridge, an Expressionist group Kirchner of which considered himself to be the leader. The vivid background that frames the women’s figures generates a jarring visual sensation, suggesting the strangeness of city life. The frenetic energy of Berlin in the early decades of the twentieth century both fascinated and repelled many of the German Expressionists. The background’s pattern also echoes the Expressionist’s interest in so-called “primitive art,” including the art of Africa and Oceania..

Two Nudes in A Room / 1914
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Sunlight / 1921
by Max Pechstein..

The Young Christ/ 1919-1920
by Alexei von Jawlensky

Sand Diggers on the Tiber/ 1909
By Erich Heckel

Leda / 1919
By Otto Dix

German Expressionsim and the Bauhaus..

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